Dentist Hygienist Salary Comprehensive Guide and Insights

As of 2024, the salary for dental hygienists varies significantly across the United States, influenced by factors such as location, experience, and cost of living. The national average income for full-time Registered Dental Hygienists (RDHs) stands at approximately $79,330 per year, with average hourly rates for full-time hygienists being about $45.75. However, in North Carolina, the average annual salary for dental hygienists is around $72,500, with an average hourly wage of approximately $34.86. It's important to note that dental hygienists in larger cities generally earn more than those in smaller towns, and experience can also lead to higher salaries.

In terms of the highest-paying states for dental hygienists, Alaska, California, and Washington are among the top, with average annual salaries exceeding $100,000. In contrast, states like Alabama and Mississippi have lower average salaries for dental hygienists, around $51,130 and $57,670 respectively.

The job market for dental hygienists is dynamic, with a notable percentage of professionals changing jobs and seeking new opportunities. This reflects the evolving nature of the profession and the varying levels of job satisfaction and compensation.

For more detailed and state-specific information, you can refer to the sources from World Population Review, RDH Magazine, New Mouth, and Teeth Talk Girl.